Verity Consulting was founded by Dan Murphy in 2001 to bring technology expertise and project management skills to clients with complex problems. Dan and his application development team work closely with companies and organizations to understand the client culture, business goals, customer needs, and all of the various facets involved in developing a successful IT solution. Solid business analysis and insight are a necessary part of every project. Verity Consulting is dedicated to helping clients apply technology best practices to

  • drive productivity improvements through IT
  • strengthen their IT infrastructures
  • improve the quality of IT service, and
  • reduce overall operating costs.

State and Local Government

Verity Consulting has in-depth knowledge and experience working with state and local governments. This understanding of strict requirements, regulations, and ADA compliance responsibilities makes Verity an ideal IT solutions provider for the public sector.

Trust and Confidence

Verity Consulting approaches the client engagement as a strategic partner, not just a vendor. Relationship clients value Verity’s advice and judgment in determining the best IT solution from off-the-shelf to custom development. They are holistic in their approach and consider the long term business goals.

About Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is a Boston native who graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in Computer Science. As a software engineer he worked at Raytheon, SofTech and DEC until he founded Verity and created his dream team of information technologists.